Choosing Size

The best way to choose the size of the cover for your insert is to purchase one of our hand made pillow inserts. Our inserts are made to fir the pillow cover size you choose. In other words, if you are looking at a 16x16 cover, we suggest one of our own 16x16 inserts for a plump full look. 

If you are using an insert from a different supplier, it is best to order the cover you like in the size you like, and take it with you to ensure you get the fit and look you are looking for. 

If neither of these are an option we recommend the following:

For a plump full look purchase a polyester insert 1" larger than the pillow cover

For a plump full look purchase a Down/Alt.Down insert 2" larger than the pillow cover

For the "karate chop" look, purchase a polyester insert the same size as the pillow cover

How to Measure a Pillow

Measuring a pillow is done serveal ways. The industry standard for stuffed pillows (and the method we use) is to measure the pillow prior to stuffing. This causes the pillow to appear smaller once the filling has been added to the pillow. The size difference depends on how much polyester is added to the pillow. Most pillow covers are measured by finished size. This means a 20x20 cover generally will take an insert 1" (polyester) or 2"(down) larger than the cover to get the pillow cover to appear as full as our pillows. 


How do you measure a pillow insert?

We measure our pillow covers prior to stuffing from seam to seam



16x16 pillow cover prior to stuffing

18x18 pillow cover prior to stuffing

20x20 pillow cover prior to stuffing

16x16 after stuffing

18x18 after stuffing

20x20 after stuffing

Fit Recommendations

Any size recommendations, are just that. They are not set in perfect and are based on our pillow covers with our inserts. Use of any other cover/insert combination may not fit properly.